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Updates on our projects and work in Nepal

Call for volunteers

Michelle Welsch

volunteer in Nepal


Are you an entrepreneurial go-getter who wants to travel, have fun, and do good?

Our team is hardworking and driven, and our students are determined to reach their education and career goals. Many are job holders and leaders within the community who are looking to improve their English, find better paying jobs, or pursue higher education.

english language practice

What you can do 

Conduct English language practice, host a workshop, plan a seminar, help streamline operations, provide marketing advice. We welcome new ideas and energy!

Unique experience

We help with travel logistics and planning. Instead of spending cash at a fancy hotel or large volunteer organization, you'll support families and local businesses. We'll introduce you to our friends --- guides, hoteliers, restaurant owners --- so you'll know the best places to eat, play, and experience local culture.

What we provide

volunteer pokhara

We put together a cultural package for our volunteers based upon their interests and expertise. You'll study basic Nepali language and be welcomed with traditional meals. Most importantly, you'll feel part of a family and will make friends for life. 

How to apply

Send us your resume and desired dates of travel. Because we take good care of our guests, we can only accommodate a limited number of visitors each year. We want to make sure the experience is meaningful for our staff, students, and of course, our volunteers.

Have questions? Click here

We're looking for scholarship sponsors

Michelle Welsch

Learning House's Barista Training program is well underway, with our 4th batch now completing classes! Since our scholarship program is in high demand, we are actively looking for sponsors for students. Remember, your donation is tax deductible. 

CLICK HERE to support a deserving student from a low-income background. 

And follow us on Facebook for more community updates!

barista scholarship program

Pre-departure orientation program

Michelle Welsch

Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.
— Michelle Obama

Bobby is off to Canada....a civil engineer in the making! Sheetal is heading to artist ready to take on the world!

They are getting on planes for the first time, and we did our best to prepare them for their journeys. 

We are so proud of these two leaders. 

Congratulations, Baristas!

Michelle Welsch


Learning House's Barista Training Program is off to a great start! Classes combine theory and practice to give students knowledge of espresso drinks, the history of coffee, serving skills, and recipes for hot and cold beverages. We are so proud of the progress of our teachers and participants, and student reviews have been excellent.

Congrats, Sheetal!

Michelle Welsch


Miss Sheetal is a local arts teacher and Learning House student who has actively participated in our leadership and education programs. She has recently been accepted to an American university and will be pursuing her bachelors degree in studio arts this fall. We couldn't be more proud of her efforts. Congrats, Sheetal Ji! 

Congrats to our new Coffee Baristas!

Michelle Welsch

Our first Coffee Baristas completed their training...

...and have started teaching other students! 

It's been fun watching our Baristas practice latte art and debate over the perfect espresso shot. And we love watching students gain confidence, too. We are so proud of their hard work!

To support the Barista Training program at Learning House, click here

Education Day

Michelle Welsch

On May 27, 2017, over 350 attendees participated in Pokhara's first Education Day. The Learning House did a fantastic job producing the event and with sponsorship from the U.S. Embassy and support from LevelNext, English language practice and advising sessions were offered to local students. Nepali band Lakshya performed midday, and attendees had the opportunity to speak with guests from Kathmandu, Canada, the United States and more. For event photos, click here.  

New training program at Learning House

Michelle Welsch

We at Learning House have been looking for more ways to support the students we serve.

The coffee scene is erupting in Nepal, and students are paying good money to participate in barista training. What if we could offer something similar, for less, for better? Our students are looking for part-time work and ways to save. What if we could prepare them with employable skills? What if they could start saving for college now?

Barisa training! Along with basic coffee and barista skills, we can teach business and entrepreneurship and hospitality. Students will gain confidence that will carry over to more than just a coffee shop. We found a local dealer who can provide a machine and all of its add-ons, service and warranty, and training for our staff. Our staff will then teach students for a fraction of the cost of other training programs. These classes and our small cafe will add to the income of Learning House and help keep student fees low.

We have launched a fundraiser to get this program started. Share, contribute, or send positive notes of encouragement. And with our 501c3 status, we qualify for matching donations from employers. Thanks for your support!

Thanks, FC Boulder!

Michelle Welsch

Thanks to FC Boulder for shipping donated soccer jerseys and clothes to the boys at Matepani! We think they look pretty sharp. 

We're building a new library!

Michelle Welsch

Construction is underway for the new library and computer resource center for Learning House. The room will offer study space, several computers, books and other materials for students to practice English and conduct research for education and employment opportunities. We can't wait to show you the finished product!  


2016: Learning House by the numbers

Michelle Welsch

While we know numbers don't tell the full story --- the student who gained admission into college, the young woman who built confidence to learn English, the advisee who applied and was accepted for his first job, the job holder who scored high on his language proficiency test, the visitor whose life was changed --- we hope these figures can give you a glimpse into our work at Learning House. We are so proud of our team, students and volunteers for all of the time and energy they put forth on a daily basis. And of course, a very special thank you to our supporters near and far. We couldn't do this without you. 

Fun for little ones

Michelle Welsch

A first bus ride, a first trip, pizza, a movie ---- when you imagine life from a child's eye, the world comes alive. We were honored to take these youngsters to the tourist part of town and spoil them with pizza and a movie. Thanks to Ngawang, Sangpo, Sonam, Amrit, Bipin, and the staff of Movie Garden Nepal for helping bring big smiles to these precious faces! 

Bridging cultures through communication and travel

Michelle Welsch

Learning House has been welcoming guests for seminars and conversational English practice. Visitors are given the opportunity to better understand students and learn more about their backgrounds; students gain confidence conversing with native English speakers and are able to ask questions about specific areas of expertise. Email if you're interested in encouraging students in Pokhara, Nepal. 

Big news

Michelle Welsch

We're filing paperwork and registering as a formal nonprofit! This is a big step for us and will allow us to receive larger donations from corporations and entities interested in tax credit. Many grant-awarding foundations look for 501c3 registration when considering worthy applications, so this will open up more opportunities for us. More grants and more funds means more ways to help students in Nepal. 

We're so excited for what the future holds. Thank you for supporting our work.

Join our Learning House family

Michelle Welsch


Thanks to our volunteers, Learning House is thriving. Energetic and warm, these caring individuals are eager to help students do their best and succeed. Not only do our guests help students practice English, they assist our team with events and marketing efforts. We've found that each volunteer has a secret weapon, and we love seeing what they add to Learning House while they are visiting. 

Teacher Ngawang instructs conversational Nepali language and teaches cultural nuances. We want our volunteers to have skills and knowledge that enhance their time in Pokhara. And instead of spending money at a large hotel, we introduce our Nepali Amma (mother) who welcomes you into her home with open arms. 

If you'd like to experience a "different" side of Nepal, send us your resume and desired dates of travel. We'll get back to you with more information. Namaste and dhannyabad!

Matepani solar still going strong!

Michelle Welsch

Remember when we fundraised to bring light to Matepani? It still works!

We stopped by on April 2, 2016 for a visit. The monks continue to express deep gratitude for this incredible act of generosity. A hearty thank you to all those who supported this project! 

How do you find the right organization to volunteer with in Nepal?

Michelle Welsch

Travel and volunteer.

Explore the world, give back to a community, build relationships with locals and feel awesome doing it. 

Except there’s one problem. Scams! Certain volunteer programs charge hefty fees, and your hard-earned dollars don’t necessarily go to people who need it most. 

Since not every travel company has your best interests in mind, it’s worthwhile to ask a few questions before signing up for a volunteer vacation. 

Are certain skills or training required? 

Quality volunteer programs will ask for your resume or CV. Thoughtful organizations will want to use your talents and place you in a position that puts your expertise to use. Be weary of travel organizers who happily take your cash without asking you about YOU – your capabilities, experiences, preferences and expectations.

Is an orientation or language class offered?

Your volunteer-travel operator should give you basic cultural tips and language classes so you can be effective and respectful to the community you’re entering. Learning basics such as “Hello,” “Thank you” and “My name is…” can go a long way when you’re serving in another country.

What is the minimum time commitment?

If volunteer sessions are “open,” meaning you can come and go as you please, you might not have the same experience as with an organization that requires you to be on-site for a specified length of time. Also consider the work you’re wanting to do: Help teachers? Build homes? Paint fences? The two-week schedule your at-home boss has approved might sync perfectly with monsoon season or a community festival. Check local calendars for holidays and political events before booking airfare.

If something goes wrong, who should I contact?

If you’re stricken with an ailment or suddenly have to rush home, you need to know who to call. Is there a team leader or manager who can make necessary arrangements for you to get home? Will you be staying with a host family who can speak English? Do you have access to a 24/7 phone number? Even though you’re traveling to help, you want to make sure your needs are taken care of. Prepare for the worst, expect the best.

Where does my money go?

Although money can be an uncomfortable topic, don’t be afraid to ask! Dishing out cash without a clear understanding of a company’s framework may not contribute to the kind of sustainable development you had in mind when you imagined traveling overseas to volunteer. Reputable organizations won’t get their feathers ruffled if you ask about organization and hierarchy, and most non-profits make their annual numbers public.

Finally, if you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask. Is important to understand the place you’re going and the work you’ll be doing. Research the company’s history or contact former volunteers to make sure you’re choosing the best option for you.

Bon voyage!