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We like surprising you with rewards to inspire you to follow your own dreams. 

Celebration: Khata scarves

Khata are received as symbols of blessing and protection on the most important days. Whether saying "Congratulations" or "Namaste," their mantras are thought to bring luck to the recipient. Assorted styles and colors.

Protection: sacred pendants 

Buddhist charms to keep you safe from harm and invite good fortune into your life. Colors represent the five elements and complement Tibetan mantras. Varied designs.

Mindfulness: Beaded mala

A delicate strand of 108 wooden beads, a number sacred to Buddhist practice. Use this beaded prayer mala as a helpful reminder to remain present and focused throughout your day.

Buddhist Calendar

A calendar to honor your months. Dharma quotes and original photos accompany important dates from the Tibetan lunar calendar, so you can follow along with the monks in Nepal.

Travel Book

A beautiful hardcover journal mailed to your home. Filled with stories and adventures from the Himalayas, this visual travel log is guaranteed to spark wanderlust.

Volunteer 101: An eBook

Tips and mindful considerations for those interested in volunteering abroad. Featuring a sample schedule from a monastery and helpful background on Tibetan Buddhism.

Audio Inspiration

Twenty minutes of an original, unedited chant to add to your playlist. Recorded by one of the senior monks at Matepani Gumba, this Tibetan prayer will lift weary spirits. 

Nepal: A visual snapshot

A PDF of some of our favorites images from Nepal sent to your inbox. Add this one-page graphic as your desktop image and get inspired to travel whenever you open your laptop.