Packages from USA to Nepal have arrived!

It took efforts from many people, some finagling, and a bit of resourcefulness... but on December 29, 2013, the Matepani monks found themselves in possession of donated soccer gear and brand new Crocs shoes. We'll post another update with pictures once the monks have chosen their favorite colors. 

Goes to show that when many folks come together, good things can happen...

There are lots of kleets and clothes in there.

Donations from FC Boulder, a generous soccer club in Colorado.

Crocs inside! Much thanks to The Mobile Media Lab in New York City and Brian DiFeo for making this happen.

Thanks again for all of your generous support!

What's next:

  • Hot showers for the monks. We're still on the hunt for a solar sponsor. Have a lead? Contact us.
  • Parking lot. Parking = community, tourists, income. Huge implications. Your support will help make this project happen.
  • Get Nwong a raise. Nwong was originally making $40USD/month as the school's Math teacher. He's now at $70USD. (The government teacher makes around $130. We want to give Nwong $110.)
  • Sponsor Manoj's (our hired English teacher!) monthly income. 
  • Send Luni to grad school.
  • Give Keshar a scholarship to study English in Kathmandu.  

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