Tradition and thukpa

This is thukpa, a traditional Tibetan dish. The noodles are made by hand from dough kneeded and rolled flat, then moved slowly through an old metal pasta machine. The pasta is the foundation of dinnertime meals and is often accompanied by sauce and buffalo meat (Yes, monks eat meat. You'll never see them kill an animal, and they'll stop you if you try; however, if it's already "dead," it's fair game.).


Sometimes the noodles are wide and flat, as pictured here. Other times, the dough looks more like gnocchi. The end result is a thick, hearty supper perfect for colder months.

The monks' kitchen and cafeteria will be provided with light from the solar project. Like many homes, the spaces where food is prepared and served act as a hearth, and mealtimes provide opportunities for everyone to come together and catch up at regular intervals throughout the day.

Thanks for joining us in our project, Matt.