Join our Learning House family


Thanks to our volunteers, Learning House is thriving. Energetic and warm, these caring individuals are eager to help students do their best and succeed. Not only do our guests help students practice English, they assist our team with events and marketing efforts. We've found that each volunteer has a secret weapon, and we love seeing what they add to Learning House while they are visiting. 

Teacher Ngawang instructs conversational Nepali language and teaches cultural nuances. We want our volunteers to have skills and knowledge that enhance their time in Pokhara. And instead of spending money at a large hotel, we introduce our Nepali Amma (mother) who welcomes you into her home with open arms. 

If you'd like to experience a "different" side of Nepal, send us your resume and desired dates of travel. We'll get back to you with more information. Namaste and dhannyabad!