A drop in an ocean is still a drop.

This week, the Matepani students are taking their first official English exams.

One year ago, I hired Manoj after advertising in the local paper and interviewing several qualified candidates. He was absolutely the right choice.

Exams are being held in freshly painted classrooms lit by solar powerLooking down, I saw several boys wearing shoes that were delivered from New York, and beneath their robes, I know many proudly sport clothes sent from Colorado.

In between exams and during lunch, the students excitedly ask me about our upcoming field trip. Since we've exceeded our fundraising goal, we’re able to organize two adventures to ensure everyone has a really good time.

To think over one year ago I first came to this place, and now...

One person CAN make a difference. No matter how small, you can take little actions that add up over time. Change is hard, change is slow, but change does come.

Thank you for all of your support.

None of this would be possible without the help of so many dear friends!