Namaste from Nepal

The nature of international assistance is complex and complicated.

Many questions have to be asked, and many more factors must be considered before appropriate goals can be set.

While in Nepal, I witnessed many NGOs run irresponsible operations. I watched foreigners "dump" money, emptying their wallets before heading back home. Their intentions were good, but providing money without a clear purpose or understanding of a community's needs fails to provide sustainable solutions.

Many of the Nepalis I met are seeking opportunity. They want better, for themselves and for their families. they're just not always certain of the steps to take or how to move forward.

Thorough research and trusted relationships must accompany decisions to invest in mindful ways.

Nepal is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. Traditions and cultures are varied and rich, and family devotion is evident throughout society. Some things are best left untouched.   

The projects I've identified are ones that propel an existing [positive] trajectory or provide opportunities for leadership and development. Encourage academic study. Create jobs. Address deficit from a Maslovian perspective. 

We've already received tremendous support and encouragement from both local communities and individuals living abroad. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our projects and read our stories. Our adventure is yours.