Matepani Solar Project FAQs

Matepani Gumba, Kaski, Nepal

Matepani Gumba, Kaski, Nepal

Where is it and who lives there?

Matepani Gumba rests on a hilltop jungle in Western Nepal. Established in 1960 on the outskirts of Pokhara, the place serves as monastery, school, community center and boarding home for approximately eighty men ages 5 to 86.

Many of the students come from disadvantaged Gurung and Manangi families. They are brought to the monastery as small boys, and 80-90% will leave as young adults. By supporting their education and development, those who decide to leave the monastery will have an easier time finding work and creating a life for themselves. 

Why don't they have power?

Blackouts are a regular occurrence in Nepal. From October until July, the coldest and darkest months of the year, the Nepali government restricts electricity for as many as 16 hours per day. 

How will this solar project help?

A hybrid model will use the existing grid and solar cells to light classrooms and provide reliable power for up to two days of blackout. Money will be saved on energy bills, along with savings on candles and flashlights. 

Who is Gham Power and what will $8k provide?

Gham Power is a team of Nepali engineers and executives. They have installed solar grids at hospitals, children’s homes, and a research lab at Mt. Everest’s Base Camp. Their estimated project budget will provide equipment, installation, and two years of support. They will also instruct the members of the Matepani community on maintenance and monitoring of the system.

To review the complete proposal and project budget please click here.

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