Solar installation for Pokhara community

Gham Power has been working hard to install solar at Matepani. It's hit over eighty degrees for many days and the sun is blistering, but they're determined. 

When I step on the roof, I see this:

I'm still in awe. So many people supported this project and so many have worked very, very hard. The community continues to voice their enthusiasm and excitement. Sangpo has been an incredible team lead. And now, here it is --- what was once imagination is now real.

These five solar panels are tangible representation that differences can be made, people do care, and when many people come together, magic can happen.

When I think about the light that will now be provided to sons who have been sent from places across Nepal and India, I think that yes, together, we can create positive change. Yes, people do care. Yes, we are all in this together.

I can't say thank you enough.