Volunteers Wanted

Learning House is now accepting applicants for July-August 2015.

We look for adaptable, entrepreneurial go-getters who like to have fun and do good. Our guests teach English, improve our rooftop garden, make killer playlists and help our young staff think outside of the box. We welcome fresh ideas and energy!

Our team is young and spunky and driven, and our students are equally determined. Many are job holders looking to improve their English in order to get better jobs or go abroad for continued study.

We will help you with logistics and housing. Instead of spending cash at a fancy hotel or large volunteer organization, you'll be directly supporting local businesses and families. Our Nepali Amma will make sure you feel welcome and at home, cooking you fresh meals daily. And you'll meet many of our friends from around town. 

We also have put together a cultural package for our volunteers; you'll be studying basic Nepali skills and can take traditional dance classes down the street!

If you'd like to visit Nepal in a meaningful way, send us your resume and desired dates of travel for consideration. Dhannyabad!