Learning House + YOU

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Starting a business is hard. In Nepal. After national disasters.

But we're committed to creating educational opportunities that encourage local leaders within the Kaski community. 

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With a limited budget, we established the foundation for the Learning House. Now our sights are set on growth and development to build a fully sustainable operation. (Business folk know this can take time.)

Our goal is to raise enough funds to "float" until cafe revenues can fully subsidize our educational programs.


Not only are we invested in our students, we're committed to our staff and local community. We take pride in working with and supporting local business owners, partnering with nearby flower shops, bakeries and furniture makers to make our space beautiful. We believe this is why our center has become a hub for leaders to discuss pressing issues, find employment opportunities and work through educational challenges. 

Many of our students are job holders themselves, joining English classes to improve their speaking skills in order to pursue higher paying positions.

We hope to continue to make a positive contribution for years to come. 

Thank you for your continued support!